Top Tips for Creating a Clean Environment in the City

Living in the city doesn’t have to mean dirt and grime. While many news articles talk about smog and the city, you have the opportunity to help your city be a clean environment.

Before you can help you have to learn how to keep our environment clean. You don’t have to do anything major to make a big difference. Even small changes in your daily habits can positively impact your city.

Continue reading this article to learn how to keep your city’s environment clean.

Must-Know Tips for a Clean Environment

While you might not hire the city sewer cleaner, there are things you can do to help your city. Use these tips to help work toward a cleaner city for your future.

When You See Litter, Pick It Up

It’s easy to keep walking when you see a bottle lid on the sidewalk. You didn’t drop it there. Why should you pick it up?

If you’re afraid there are too many germs on the lid, keep a thin glove in your pocket in case this happens. You can easily wash the glove with your clothing or wash it out in the sink.

You’re not only getting rid of that bottle lid when you pick it up but studies show that people are more likely to litter when litter is already present. 

Re-Use Single-Use Items

While getting items that are reusable will help the environment the most, if you’re not ready to commit to a fully reusable product life then re-using single-use items is the next best thing.

We’re sure you could get more than one shave out of your disposable razors. Give it a shot.

Remove Graffiti on Your Property

If someone graffitied your property, make sure to clean it off right away. If you can’t do the job yourself then hire a professional to take care of it.

Vote for Bills Encouraging Cleaner and More Public Transportation

Attend city council meetings and get involved with the community. Stay in the know on legislation so you can know what you’re voting on when you go to the polls.

Help Establish Environmental Awareness

Many people would do better if they simply understand what is at stake. Helping to establish environmental awareness in your city or even on your block can make a big difference in how clean the city is.

Sort Your Garbage

Sort your garbage into biodegradable and nonbiodegradable categories. It might take a little more of your time but it will make a big difference in the environment of your city. This is especially true when the people around you start to adopt the same practices.

Buy Local Food

When you buy local food, that means fewer transportation costs as well as less need for packaging. If you stop by the local farmers market, do you see fancy packaging and marketing? Unlikely.

Compost Your Food Waste

Even when you’re in the city, there are ways you can compost your food. Don’t think that composting is only meant for the countryside.

Plant Trees or Grow Potted Plants

If you have a place where you can plant trees, take the time to do so. If you don’t have anywhere to plant trees then take care of some potted plants and do your part for bringing the green this way.

Go Green With Your Travel Habits

Much of our transportation depends on oil. The more you walk, bike, or use public transportation, the less of a carbon footprint you leave.

While it isn’t always possible to get to where you need to go with these transportation methods, even changing your route and means of transportation a few times when possible makes a big difference.

Conserve Water

Long showers, washing half of a load of dishes, or leaving the sprinklers running longer than necessary is a waste of water. Conserving water is essential as much of our clean drinking water is contaminated by companies dumping waste into our water supplies.

Collecting rainwater is another great way to help with the decrease in clean drinking water. Instead of using clean drinking water to do things like washing your car or watering your potted plants, you can use rainwater.

Reduce the Use of Chemicals

If you use any chemicals, try to reduce the number of chemicals you use. If you do need to use chemicals, you need to understand how to properly dispose of them.

Failing to properly dispose of chemicals could make you part of the problem when it comes to the reduction in clean drinking water.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

While not everyone is going to be quick to catch on and follow your lead, you have to keep a positive attitude. Even if no one starts to practice recycling and if no one reduces their carbon footprint by taking public transportation — keeping a positive attitude is a must.

While you might only be one person, the conscious effort for positive change of just one person makes an impact on the world.

Learn More About Doing Good In the City

Part of keeping a clean environment is making sure everyone does their part. We have many articles that can help you as you’re learning to do good in the city.

Whether it’s writing an article that impacts change or serving at a soup kitchen, we have articles that will inspire you to do great things. Browse our website, bookmark your favorite section and come back for more great reads.

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