How to Maintain Your Waste Disposal Unit in 7 Steps

A waste disposal unit is a device placed beneath a sink to shred any food waste that couldn’t pass through the plumbing in another way. A waste disposal unit is very useful when it comes to keeping unpleasant smells away from your garbage bins and kitchen. However, you need to take proper care of that unit to keep it functional. Here are 7 easy steps to do that.

1. Avoid placing hard objects in your garbage disposal. Hard bones, unpopped popcorn kernels, crabs, and hard shells from shrimp are all things that could dull the shredder and make it less efficient. However, each waste disposal unit has its own capacity for hard materials it could take. Usually, the more expensive the device is, the higher the hardness capacity it has. A list of objects to avoid should be included in the instruction manual. Anything that is not appropriate for your garbage disposal should go into the trash can.

2. Keep fibrous or starchy items out of the disposal. Both could seriously plug up the waste disposal unit. Here is a list of items you should avoid putting at your disposal:

  • potato peelings
  • artichokes
  • banana peels
  • coffee grounds
  • celery
  • onion skin
  • fruit pits and hard seeds
  • eggshells

3. Things that are not suitable for your disposal could be composted. All things mentioned above are easily composted.

4. Do not put hard items or trash in the waste disposal. Some items are simply not meant for a disposal unit. Here are a few examples of things you should avoid placing down the disposal:

  • utensils
  • glass, nails, screws
  • fabric, rags, string, sponges
  • twist ties, rubber bands
  • toys
  • grease
  • hair

For such items as the above, you could call a rubbish removal company.

5. Cut large food debris into smaller pieces. If the item is too big to fit your disposal, cut it into smaller pieces and place them down the disposal unit one at a time. Do not try putting a large amount in at once.

6. Use cold water to push the waste down the drain. Run cold water for 30 to 60 seconds after the waste has been shredded. Keep the disposal on while the water is running. Cold water not only helps the waste go down easier but keeps the disposal unit from overheating, as well. NEVER use hot water, as it can melt fat, and once the fat re-solidifies again, it could cause a drain blockage.

7. Clean your waste disposal unit regularly. Use a paper towel to clean the inner side of the rubber which leads to the disposal. Make sure the unit is off. To remove debris build-ups from the edges of the shredder, use ice. Throw a few cubes of ice down the drain while the disposal is running. For a fresh smell, place some orange peels, or any citrus rinds down.

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