Managing Electronic Waste through Recycling

The electronic waste stream is undeniably amongst the most rapidly increasing waste streams. This is because the world is continually being modernized, and all electronics are being invented to accommodate the growing need for modernization. Electronic waste, including microwaves, blow-dry machines, TV, computers, and even batteries, make up a huge chunk of waste in landfills today. Unless other means of managing this waste are adopted, we may be unable to reverse the damages we incur on earth by careless dumping of electronic waste.

An attractive way of managing electronic waste is through electronic recycling. 90% of computer and TV components are, for instance, said to be recyclable. Many household electronic appliances can be recycled, including laundry machines, stereos, toasters, mobile phones, and hair dries. These contain materials that can be put into newer gadgets, such as nickel, glass, aluminum, zinc, and plastic.

It’s obvious that old gadgets become redundant or simply get destroyed in a way that can’t be fixed after a period of use. There are also tech junkies who just want the latest gadgets in the market and will throw their current ones. An electronic recycle pick-up service is a better option for disposing of your electronic equipment or gadget. Not only is it good for our planet, it’s also beneficial for other consumers who cannot afford new gadgets. Here are other reasons that will make you join the statistic of cool people by recycling your electronic waste.

1. You will be a blessing to someone else – by recycling, you will be able to also contribute to the happiness of others. Instead of throwing your used desktop or laptop, you can donate it to needy college students who cannot afford the latest models. This will give you a good feeling of contributing to the growth of your community.

2. Make use of re-usable material – most electronics normally discarded have material that can be re-used either in constructing a new material or repairing other old electronics. Making use of these materials ensures that the production cost for the new materials or the cost of repair is reduced.

3. A safe way of ensuring that dangerous material doesn’t find their way to free exposure on earth- electronic gadgets like batteries, cellphones, TVs, and computers contain toxic substances including lead, mercury, and cadmium which are dangerous for our planet. Improper disposal of these electronic wastes can therefore contribute to hazardous substances leaking into our soil and water and contaminating them. Eventually, these substances return to our health, causing diseases like cancer. It also interferes with the planet’s health and contributes to global warming.

Ensure that you use computer recycle pick-up services to be sure that you hand over your electronic gadgets to professionals who ensure the security and safety of your data and information.

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