5 Bulky Items You Should Recycle

Recycling reduces waste and is good for the environment. While it is often quite easy to figure out how to recycle smaller items like newspapers, glassware, and aluminum cans, it can be more difficult to figure out how to recycle bigger things.

If you want to get rid of some larger, bulky items, you may want to find out in advance whether recycling is an option for you. You might find yourself surprised by how many things you can recycle.

Don’t Throw Out These 5 Bulky Items You Can Recycle

Did you know that you can recycle many large everyday items? While it might not be as straightforward as recycling paper or cans, it is still relatively easy to do. Here are 5 bulky items you can recycle:

1. Computers – If you’ve got an old computer you don’t want any more, you can recycle it. Many computers have toxic materials that should be handled appropriately. Computer batteries, for example, often contain mercury, and some computer monitors are made with lead. In order to recycle an old computer, you may want to contact the company who made your computer or the retailer where you purchased it to see if they have any trade-ins. You can also donate your computer to a local school or non-profit organization like Goodwill.

2. Tires – If you’ve got some tires that you don’t need, you should consider recycling. Old tires are recyclable and they are often reused to make a wide variety of things including shoes and roads. Sometimes you can return extra tires to tire stores or your local recycling facility. Keep in mind that there are sometimes limitations on how many you can recycle at one time. Some areas also have occasional tire recycling days where you can bring tires for recycling to a designated site for free.

3. Appliances – If you have appliances you no longer want or need, you should definitely consider recycling. When you just toss an old appliance into the dump there are a lot of negative environmental consequences. Appliances are often made with materials like mercury, cadmium, lead, and PCBs that are not good for the environment. If you want to recycle an old appliance, certain retail stores have established helpful programs to make it easier for you. Also, in certain towns, you can arrange free pick up for old appliances like freezers or refrigerators. You might even be able to trade in your appliance for some type of rebate towards a newer model.

4. Mattresses – If you are buying a new mattress and want to dispose of your old mattress, you should definitely consider mattress recycling. When you just throw a mattress into a landfill it not only takes up a lot of room but also takes many years to decompose. Mattress recycling is a great option. Some of the best mattress stores participate in mattress recycling programs to make it easy for you to recycle an old mattress.

5. Carpet – Almost every type of carpeting is recyclable in some way. The material is recycled carpets can be reused and made into new products including new carpeting. Plastic is recycled carpet that can be used to make a wide variety of things. If you know where you purchased the carpet, you may want to contact the carpet store for advice. You can also connect with national organizations focused on carpet recycling like the Carpet America Recovery Effort.

Before you throw out an appliance, computer, an old mattress, or some other bulky item, you should consider recycling. Whether you are interested in mattress recycling or recycling a computer or appliance, there are simple things you can do to recycle things you no longer need. Recycling is better for the environment and it makes you feel good too.

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