Why You Should Care Where Your Junk Goes

What you throw out each day has an impact on a much larger scale than you might think. When we donate items such as clothing, appliances, and furniture, we keep them from filling up our landfills. The same goes for when we recycle things like glass and plastic bottles. If we all take a moment to think about where our trash and our unwanted junk go after it leaves our homes, we are taking the first step towards helping our environment. If we don’t acknowledge this as a society, then we are blind to our impact on the environment and our community.

When junk hauling in places, junk shops take things to a recycling center. This makes it possible for these items to be re-purposed. It also keeps them out of landfill and out of incinerators. There are currently 85-90 incinerators spread across 25 states and combined they burn around 30 million tons of garbage each year. This keeps items from going to the landfill, but it’s not very eco-friendly. The emissions from burning our junk contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury. When items do go to the landfill, they can take up to a thousand years to decompose.

When making a conscious effort to dispose of your trash and unwanted items as environmentally friendly as possible, you make an effect on today’s generations and many generations to come. Don’t use the mindset of, “I can’t see the impact, so I’m not going to worry about it.”

It does take a little more effort to recycle and get rid of unwanted trash and junk properly. But, some of it is as simple as having a recycling bin to take to your curb once a week for your plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, etc. There are many things that you can recycle. Remembering them is as easy as printing out a list and hanging it by your trash bins.

For larger unwanted items, it’s as simple as having a responsible junk removal company such as Dog Gone Junk come and haul those things away for you. We take the extra time and effort to donate and recycle as many things as physically possible. This saves you time trying to figure out how to properly donate and recycle things yourself but gives you the pleasure of knowing that you trusted in a junk hauling company that is going to do that for you.

We all have trash, we all have junk, and we have to get rid of these things somehow. Just take the responsible approach and make sure the right people are taking those things away for you. If all of us put a tad more effort into saving our environment, then our future generations could enjoy this beautiful earth that much longer.

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