Don’t throw your used electronics in the trash – recycle them!

Did you know that it is now illegal to throw covered electronics in the trash in the state of Oregon? Other states are sure to follow, so why not take care of the environment now and recycle your old computers, TVs, and cell phones?

Instead of throwing away out-of-date or broken electronic items, see if there is a free recycling program nearby and prevent them from going into landfills. These services are available to home users and businesses, whether you are disposing of one old stereo, or an office full of outdated computers.

Why recycle?

Electronics tend to date quickly – items such as TVs, laptops, and cameras are soon replaced with the latest model, creating a huge amount of waste. Many people in the developed world replace these items every 2-3 years.

In the USA alone, 30 million used computers are discarded each year, in addition to millions of tonnes of used cell phones, stereos, and other electronics. This e-waste is toxic to the environment and takes up space in our over-used landfill sites.

Why not prevent this electronic waste from going into landfills? Instead, take your used electronics to a recycling center that can make them into re-usable components in a green and eco-friendly way.

What happens to recycled electronics?

Some items can be fixed and refurbished. For example, a used laptop that is only a few years old may not be suitable for use in a modern office but could be refurbished and made ideal for a student or home user. Items that cannot be restored to use are shredded into small pieces of material including copper, iron, plastic, circuit board, aluminum, and glass. These shredded pieces of raw material can be recycled and recreated into new products.

Will my data be safe?

Many people worry about their data remaining on used electronics such as hard drives and cell phones. Reputable recycling centers will provide a full chain of custody for any items that contain personal data, guaranteeing that all of your data will be digitally wiped and completely destroyed.

Which items can be recycled?

Most covered electronics can be recycled. This includes laptops, tablets, servers, keyboards, stereos, cell phones, computer batteries, and televisions.

Most electronics can be recycled free of charge. There may be a fee for recycling complex items such as CRT monitors and CRT televisions – why not check with your local recycling center.

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