Connected Packaging

Connected packaging is packaging that integrates data transmission, information, and communication technologies through smart labeling, QR codes, and other emerging technologies. Connected packaging solutions make it easier for brands to understand customer habits, analyze customer behavior and improve customer experiences1.

Connected packaging will also improve your brand’s perception by providing a unique digital experience for customers, especially when you consider influencing a positive decision, such as to recycle or compost their waste item. It can help you to create a steady flow of downstream and upstream value2With connected packaging, the main goal is to connect the physical aspects of the product to the digital aspect and allow customers to learn more about the brand and product3.

With SmartSort Technologies, we use patented methods and processes, deploying connected packaging during the post-consumer waste diversion experience, to incentivize humans to properly recycle and compost their waste items. By using connected packaging, we help companies better understand customer habits and analyze customer behavior during waste disposal process, the missing middle for Theory of Change. Incentivizing humans to properly recycle and compost their waste items can be done by using SmartSort’s patented technologies, methods, and processes, for modifying human behavior during the post-consumer waste diversion experience, to the benefit of all involved in the value chain.

To find out more information about SmartSort’s patented methods and processing for diverting reusable materials away from the landfill, please visit us at or email us at

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