4 Practices For a Green Office

There are millions of offices throughout the world from large corporations with hundreds of staff to small home offices that are used for business, study, or the numerous tasks that come with running a household. The combined environmental impact of so many offices is huge so even small savings from each office will add up to real environmental savings. This article outlines four actions that can be taken in a green office.

1. Reduce the electricity used by the office

Green offices work to reduce electricity use which not only saves money but also reduces carbon emissions. There are many easy reductions that can be made as any office equipment left plugged in will be consuming electricity. This includes computers, printers, and even the cell phone charger left plugged in on the desk. By unplugging chargers when they are not being used, powering down computers at the end of the day, and switching off any equipment such as printers when they are not in use, the office’s electricity use will be reduced.

2. Check the environmental performance of the building

How the physical premises of the office are set up also affects electricity use. Check that heating and cooling temperatures are set correctly as even a one-degree difference will change the amount of electricity used. Ask people to keep doors and windows closed so the air that has been heated or cooled does not escape. Also, check that the office is draughtproof as draughts can cause your heating/cooling system to work more than it needs to. For further savings, a green office should also consider using energy-efficient lighting.

3. Choose to save paper

Saving paper reduces the environmental impact of the office and saves money. Purchasing printers that print on both sides and only printing when really necessary will reduce the amount of paper used. A green office should use recycled paper and participate in local paper recycling programs if they exist.

4. Check your suppliers

The companies that supply office products are an important part of the green office. Look for suppliers that provide energy-efficient office equipment and consider using products with long life to reduce the waste the office generates such as mechanical pens with refills. Aside from recycled paper, check what other recycled products can be used in the office such as recycled printer cartridges.

These are four easy ways where an office can go green without spending a lot of money. Just by being more aware of the choices available a green office can reduce its environmental impact. 

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