Project Overview

SmartSort delivers innovative, artificially intelligent and game changing technology for the Sustainable Materials and Waste Management industries. 

By providing highly configurable Systems, the SmartSort technology makes use of some of the existing  and new industry leading recycling, composting and waste bins.  

The sustainable materials management space is predicated on a life cycle design of materials, including their negative and positive impacts, during the sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, usage and recovery of the materials used to produce goods as they traverse the global economy. 

Sustainable Materials Management

The recovery segment of the sustainable materials management life cycle, commonly referred to as waste management, has several challenges; proper placement of the material and contamination of materials being two of the top challenges. The waste simply needs to be directed to the landfill whereas the recyclable and compostable material need to be separated, diverted from the landfill and as free from contaminants as possible. 

The Opportunity for sustainability officers & commercial properties

We’ve all approached a recycling, composting and waste bin and struggled to figure out which disposable material and item goes where. Well, not any longer.

SmartSort delivers innovative Systems and a technology Platform for environmentally friendly stewards, buildings and Zero-Waste-to-Landfill programs in a way which creates an achievable balance between doing the right thing and existing corporate strategies.

These environmentally friendly corporate strategies for businesses, buildings and programs are pursued throughout the world and embarked upon by some of the largest and smallest of enterprises. Domestic and international governing bodies, such as U.S. Green Business Council (USGBC) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), aim to help sustainability officers, commercial properties and people in general be more environmentally responsible and use resources more efficiently. These governing bodies provide tiered certifications, LEED Platinum Certified Building, for example, which arguably increase rental rates, property values and lower operating expenses.

So we asked ourselves several questions

  • How do we help sustainability officers and managers communicate their internal and external company initiatives while improving a property's LEED position and produce better recycling and composting outcomes? 
  • And, how do we do all of that without changing the consumers behavior and encouraging commercial property operators to upgrade their recycling, composting and waste bins?

  • The answer – SmartSort AI, The Bin with a Brain.

    SmartSort understands the way to improve the proper placement of the material and reduction of contamination begins at the bin. 

    The System does this by offering visual cues in milliseconds directing the correct materials into the appropriate stream while providing educational content, such as remove the cap from the water bottle, while disposing of the material. 

    Our multi-sensor array, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and recognition software differentiates materials (aluminum, plastics, paper), products (brands/logos), and organics (individual food items), from landfill waste. Then the System guides users to dispose of their material into the correct waste stream, moving far beyond static signage and “bin police” to produce better outcomes.

    People are further assisted by several other tactics to accomplish a seamless experience. For example, color coding words such as recyclable in green and non-recyclable in red; then connecting the appropriate stream with LED lights as to direct each item into the correct stream. 

    We then coupled those capabilities with a private marketplace advertisement network to generate revenues for the property operators and SmartSort, when appropriate, or solely distribute company news and educational content for corporate campuses and educational institutions, for example.   Further, we quantify, track, report and integrate the weight of the recyclable and compostable materials diverted from the landfill along with many other powerful measurable useful outcomes.

    The trick was to do all of this without slowing down or drastically altering the consumers behavior, which we achieved.    

    The innovation credit, as shown above, along with the following areas from the TRUE Zero Waste programs are several of the targeted scoring goals the SmartSort Billboard Systems aim to improve.

The Busch Systems single-stream Aristata with a mounted SmartSort Billboard System is intended to be sold directly by the bin manufacturer, their manufacturing reps and direct-to-client. 

Several other models are in the design phase, including dual-stream and triple-stream SmartSort Billboard Systems.

Please join us today as we embark upon a very fulfilling and global cause.  Become cutting edge and together we can make a difference every single day

The very first model in action! 

Most recent version of the model in action!